Coming March 2017!

The "Beta-Books" are books (titles) that are works-in-progress, some already published and from both the Public Domain, student writing assignments, and self-published authors that may still have a "missed" typo; a need for editing; a book cover design; or illustrations for selected pages and text. The "Beta-Books Readers Club" Members are participants who will read, edit, suggest revisions and illustrate where needed. Those whose editing and revision suggestions get chosen to be taken into consideration will get the recognition as editor, illustrator, book cover designer, etc. as well as mention in Acknowledgements. English, Creative Writing and various Language Arts departments from elementary through university- level courses are encouraged to participate and may win prizes as well. Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO) may also benefit.

"Thanks for the positive feedback Teacher Heather and her 3rd graders  on this idea South Effingham (GA) Elementary. See you soon!"

We've just taken proof-readers to another level with meaningful fun

and opportunities to win prizes and get published!

Yayyy! Stay tuned! 

"Many thanks to our international club sponsors, The Original People's Brand"