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"Action Storytelling" for School-wide Assemblies                                                                                                                                                                 

Interactive storytelling presenting ANANSE the Spider-Man and other long forgotten folktales and stories that may also be adapted for 

"core group" (ensemble) presentations for school and community special events and celebrations.

Write. Read. Edit. Publish. (WREP) The Creative Writing Program that will get you and your students "Self-Published"

the instant they are ready to hit the "Approve" button!

Arts-in-Education Programs

Historic Characters Monologues

Teachers Choice. You choose!

“The students at Jasper Elementary love J’miah. (The teachers at our school find him to be a full partner in curricular planning and implementation of lessons and units.) J’miah can tell stories, write and direct plays that are performed school-wide, teach small groups and make children laugh and smile. If he had a cape, he could fly . . . at least the children think so.”  — Dr. Kathleen Thompson, Retired Arts Educator/Director of Cultural Projects (Georgia Council for the Arts)

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