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Performing Culturally Rich Stories

For fun, up-beat storytelling and reading programs, turn to Books for Growing Minds™ and its World Beat Books programming.  Books for Growing Minds™ uses World Beat Books to showcase selected written and oral literature from different parts of the globe, including Africa, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. This is an exciting way to teach children and communities how to appreciate one another and engage with their local immigrant communities and various cultures. It helps everyone to become more socially sensitive. World Beat Books was first conceived as Drum-Talk Drums by J'miah Nabawi. It began as a therapeutic arts initiative for the Savannah College of Art and Design's (SCAD) Counseling and Student Support Services (CS3) in 2008. Managed and co-presented with one of the counselors,  it was greatly received by students, staff and professors as a therapeutic tool for stress release. With some program modifications and change of focus, World Beat Books now tours and  performs for schools, corporate businesses and at community events. Since 2005, Books for Growing Minds™ have hosted and presented international authors and literature at International Tent during the annual Savannah Children's Books Festival presented by Live Oak Public Libraries in Savannah, GA. Our World Beat Books presentation closes out the day as a drum circle finale for the day's events in celebration of reading and the many authors who have come to present their craft.  To support literacy, we also organized a book fundraising campaign.

Storytelling Drum Circle Storytellers
"Kindergarten Tellers" tell their folktale from a book that got read and performed. Oral traditions come to life with J'miah Nabawi at this Savannah Music Festival main stage event.

What is World Beat Books?

World Beat Books are workshops and artist residency programs that focus on performing literature from around the world with hand drums and hand-held instruments for children, teens and adults. It is rhythmic play that offers language-rich, interactive reading-aloud and musical explorations with activities facilitated through interactive storytelling and the drum circle. World Beat Books™ also encourage vocabulary building and the learning of other languages and cultures through the universal languages of music and play.

Offering Exciting and Creative Presentations

World Beat Books presentations make storytelling and reading aloud more engaging, especially for reluctant readers. Our aim is to connect with our audiences in every perceivable way that makes their time shared with us memorable, enjoyable and something to take home to share with family and friends long after the last beat of the drum that closes the show. World Beat Books culminate with an ensemble presentation of "Reading the World in Rhythm and Rhyme" where participants are spontaneously chosen from the audience. Come ready to share, learn and . . . play!