Raising Funds for Family Literacy and Reading Programs

Books for Growing Minds™ in Savannah, Georgia, leads a book fundraising campaign to support family literacy, help children improve grade-level reading and and to collaborate on initiatives that support the disadvantaged. We also use our funds to help offset costs for materials and supplies associated with our arts integrated artist residencies that connect with STEM/STEAM programming.  Through the art of storytelling, we aim to promote oral tradition and literature, strengthen family bonding through play and encourage community cooperation and character building.  We have more than 30 years of experience in providing creative and engaging storytelling programs that connect with National and State Core Curriculum Standards. Many of our folktales and program performances often come from the books we publish or may even become published books for children, teens and family enjoyment. If you're interested in having a Books for Growing Minds™ experience that may help your organization with your fund-raising efforts, please give us a call. Our friendly staff will also answer any of your questions.

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Support Our Book Funding Program

Be a part of our book-funding project by buying our titles and letting others know about the benefits many receive from our Books Sales revenue. Our company is always looking for a great cause to pitch in and give our support to through books sales and presenting at events to sell books as well as give some away.

What's In It for You?

If you're looking for a fun way to introduce new languages and art to your child or become a sponsor who aligns with our mission, then you should join us! Invite us to your event or you come to one of ours. Our publications and stories help children learn about different folkways and communities that may make them more socially sensitive and aware of cultural differences that help to make life a lot richer. When you purchase our books, you're not just buying educational materials that can be enjoyed and shared with your family and friends, you also get to help others by the various campaigns and initiatives we participate in.  Your contributions are the purchases you make when you shop with us, providing us with monetary support that sustains exciting, hands-on educational programming that we can offer to schools, public libraries and community events at reasonable rates and often without costs.