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Have your children, friends and family attend enjoyable storytelling programs to gain appreciation for traditional oral literature, other languages and different cultures.

Books for Growing Minds receive  invitations to perform children's and juvenile literature at schools and community events. Included with our books published in English, you will find some of our stories in Spanish, French, and Mandarin Chinese with many more translations and original texts coming.

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Support our book fundraising campaign that aims to strengthen family literacy and more. We offer educational books with fun and exciting stories that encourage interactive reading, character building and wellness. With interest in local and global initiatives with causes that support literacy, health and the homeless, portions of our Book Sales revenue are donated to non-profit charitable organizations, scholarship programs and hospitals.

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Looking for some out-of-the-box, interactive classroom activities and alternative reading material and books?

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"A Story Arc encompasses a change . . . moving the characters, the teller
and the listener 
together through a journey." ~ Cindy Rivka Marshall

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Cindy Rivka Marshall

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"Namaste! Welcome Dr. Shweta!"

A Unique Way to Develop Love for Reading

More About Books for Growing Minds

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Books for Growing Minds™ offer educational children's books and stages creative storytelling programs to promote cultural diversity, family literacy and healthy social interaction through play. We encourage interactive reading by publishing engaging "folk tales" and legends that hardly ever get published today. Our books can be found in various major world languages. We encourage and promote traditional tales and stories for readers of different age groups, adults included. Our writers/storytelling programs deliver lively reading performances accompanied by interactive play and music for schools, reading conferences and public events. Books for Growing Minds™ also encourage "couch-potato-busting" and physical activity through our unique Tell-Aerobics™ / Tell Aerobic Tales™ interactive storytelling and play that highlight healthy eating habits and nutrition.

Along the way, our goal is to help individuals and families create a stimulating reading and storytelling atmosphere for their children. We do this by including and offering "Parent Engagement Workshops" and running campaigns that promote reading-aloud, vocabulary building and "play to learn" activities. 

For more than twenty five years our founder, storyteller J'miah Nabawi, has been providing creative, educational programs with arts integration and science components that include collaborative productions with teachers and community events coordinators that also promote learning from our immigrant communities' cultural legacies that are often not available or presented to the public In 2006. For the contributions he's made to his community through the art of storytelling, J'miah Nabawi is one of the esteemed recipients of the "ORACLE Award, Southeast Region," presented by the National Storytelling Network (NSN) in Jonesborough, TN. Because of his involvement with Books for Growing Minds™, we are certain to have inherited the depth and quality of Mr. Nabawi's "it takes a village" committment to community and look forward to serving you to the best of our abilities.


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